The Punisher: New Trailer Shows Frank Castle Unraveling Another Conspiracy

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Studios for Marvel's The Punisher

The newest Marvel’s The Punisher trailer shows Frank Castle investigating another conspiracy and going on the offensive.

Just like Frank Castle himself, today’s newest trailer for Marvel’s The Punisher bursted onto the scene with no warning at all. Avid fans of the antihero got some clear footage of the character doing what he does best—doling out punishment.

The trailer starts off pretty serene with Frank dreaming about a once perfect life—enjoying his post-military days with his family. The happy memories quickly end with a graphic and disturbing event (I’ll let you watch the trailer to find out). Soon, Frank is pulled back to his current reality and is brought down another conspiracy rabbit hole.

As the action picks up, Metallica’s “One” starts to become more and more prominent. In the end, it’s a total bloodbath that only the Punisher can realize—much like a genius artist at work on his magnum opus. Check out the action-packed trailer yourselves.

The Punisher was introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe via Daredevil Season 2. The character was a total wild card and seemed to only add to Matt Murdock’s headaches—along with the Man Without Fear’s dealings with the Hand. However, with Karen Page’s tenacity and digging, we learn about Frank’s history and a large cover-up involving the government. By the final episode, Frank proved to be an ally to Matt’s crusade.

The Punisher’s characterization and actor Jon Bernthal’s portrayal had fans raving. The result: Netflix and Marvel Studios fast-tracked a Punisher solo series. After over a year and a half of waiting, we’re finally close to seeing the vigilante back in action.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Let us know in the comments.

The Punisher will be released on Netflix sometime towards the end of 2017.

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