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Harbinger Renegade
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Valiant Entertainment has shared with us a preview of Harbinger Renegade #0, a prelude to the forthcoming Harbinger Wars 2.

For most of the last year, Valiant has been hyping and gearing up for Harbinger Wars 2, the sequel to their mega-successful event from 2013. Almost every book has in some way been laying the groundwork for the ambitious project, which will arrive in stores in May of 2018.

Harbinger Renegade, which launched in November of 2016, has pretty much served as an unofficial prologue to the event for much of its run. The title is intended to show readers the background of the main villain of Harbinger Wars 2 and the events leading up to the confrontation that Valiant promises will have far reaching consequences.

So what better way to kick things into the next gear that with one of Valiant’s always impressive zero issues?

Arriving in comic shops and digitally this November, Harbinger Renegade #0 will function as a kind of epilogue for the book’s “Massacre” storyline as well as set up big pieces of the Harbinger Wars 2 plot. And if past Valiant zero issues are any indication, when they say this is an essential part of the story, they mean it.

Written by regular Harbinger Renegade writer Rafer Roberts with art by Juan Jose Ryp, Harbinger Renegade #0 will serve as both an endpoint for much of the build up to the event as well as a great jumping on point for readers who may want to see what all the buzz is about. On Valiant’s website, Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani spoke about how it has all been part of one massive plan by the publisher.

“For more than a year, we have been been secretly architecting the groundwork for HARBINGER WARS 2 – the most impactful and ambitious Valiant event ever attempted – across the Valiant Universe in series like X-O Manowar, Secret Weapons and, perhaps more so than any other, Harbinger Renegade. Harbinger Renegade #0 is the ultimate capstone to that build-up, and will reveal a secret that has been teased since the very first pages of Harbinger #1 back in 2012. Peter Stanchek, Toyo Harada, and Harada’s former protege, Alexander Solomon – these are some of the most important and powerful characters in Valiant history and, when the dust settles from the events of this issue, the scope, scale and importance of their role in Harbinger Wars 2 will be clear for all to see.”

From the Valiant solicitation:

Beneath the wreckage of the Harbinger Foundation, there is a secret that even Toyo Harada grew to fear. A secret simply known as…the Stormbringer.

And Alexander Solomon is about to set it free.

Out of the ashes of “MASSACRE,” the march toward the most consequential Valiant event of all time continues with an epic revelation at the heart of the Harbinger mythos – as told by Harvey Award-nominated writer Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) and incendiary artist Juan José Ryp (BRITANNIA)!

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Harbinger Renegade #0 arrives everywhere on November 8 and will include covers by Clayton Henry, Roberto De La Torre, Juan Jose Ryp in addition to variants by Khari Evans and Ben Tiesma.

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