Norman Reedus Knows Exactly How He Wants Daryl To Die

Norman Reedus
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In a recent interview, it was revealed that actor Norman Reedus knows how he wants his character on The Walking Dead to die.

If I were an actor on AMC’s smash hit The Walking Dead, I would be pretty envious of Norman Reedus and his fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon.

Unlike the bulk of the characters on the show, who have their fates and storylines already planned out thanks to the ongoing comic book by creator Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard, Dixon is something of an enigma. This is because the character isn’t, in fact, in the comics.

The character of Daryl Dixon is an original creation that came to life thanks to The Walking Dead‘s original showrunner Frank Darabont. He created Dixon specifically for Reedus and the character quickly went from a recurring role in the first season to a series regular with Season 2.

Daryl Dixon has also become a huge favorite of the many fans of the show, some of who have even threatened to riot if he is added to the considerable list of characters that have been killed over the show’s seven seasons.

But given this is The Walking Dead we’re talking about and death is around every corner, there is no real guarantee that Daryl will remain safe forever.

So it should come as no surprise that Reedus already knows how he wants Daryl to go out if the time ever came.

During an interview with, Reedus talks about the character and what it is about The Walking Dead concept that brought him to the show. They also ask him if he could write Daryl’s final scene on the show, what would it be?

I think you’d see a sunset. I would walk up over a hill and then a little wolf puppy would come out of the woods and follow me up. And people would just go, “Whatever happened to that guy?”

Not exactly what I think most fans were expecting.

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Of course, given the history of grizzly, bloody deaths the show has become so popular for, the chances of Reedus’ character going out in such a quiet way is next to nil. But it would be a very cool exit for a character as popular as Dixon and would seem kind of fitting in a very Walking Dead kind of way.

The Walking Dead returns on October 22 for its eighth season on AMC, just in time for Halloween.

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