Gotham: Season 4 Extended Trailer Pays Homage to Past Batmen

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Gotham’s Season 4 extended trailer shows the main cast becoming more familiar.

In less than 48 hours, Gotham Season 4 will premiere. To really hype Gothamites up everywhere, Fox has released an extended trailer. The first half of the footage is a quick recap of everything that has happened in Season 3. The latter half is where things start to get interesting …

Though Gotham was always set up to be a pre-Commissioner Jim Gordon tale, the series quickly veered into the inevitable—a story of how young Bruce Wayne became Batman. Season 4’s extended trailer completely owns the latter’s sentiment and devotes various scenes to the young billionaire’s destiny—but have we seen these scenes in other media before?

At the end of Season 3, Bruce embraced his destiny and we see that realization in his rescuing of three potential mugging victims. The Season 4 extended trailer builds on that with Bruce making his city patrol a regular nightly thing. Of course, Bruce’s heroic escapades don’t go unnoticed—especially when he has visible bruises.

Bruce and Alfred’s excuse to the general public? Rock climbing. When Lucius Fox presents Bruce with protective gear, the genius former Wayne Enterprises executive also sarcastically necessitates their usage in “rock climbing.” The “rock climbing” allusion is an homage to “spelunking” in Batman Begins (2005), where Bruce (played Christian Bale in that incarnation) covers up his nascent crime-fighting career as cave diving.

Also in the trailer is Bruce’s meeting with Selina Kyle. The last time the two ran into each other was in the hospital—after Alfred was stabbed by a Court-of-Owls-controlled Bruce. The meeting between the two didn’t go so well, with Bruce accusing Selina of having an angle for her visit.

The Season 4 trailer shows the two meeting again. Although it’s not a masquerade, it does resemble the encounter between Bruce and Selina in Batman Returns (1992). Even Alfred’s dialogue referring to “masks” is similar in sentiment to the Tim-Burton-era film. Check out the trailer yourselves for these two homages.

What are your thoughts on the extended trailer? Did you find any other references to other Batman-related story incarnations? Let us know in the comments.

Gotham Season 4 will premiere on Fox on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. EST.

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