Funko: Trollhunters Pop! Review

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We review Funko’s latest offering—Trollhunters Pop!s.

Imaginative and fun are how we usually describe Funko’s Pop! figures. So it’s only a given that Trollhunters—which embodies those qualities—has joined the famous toymaker’s family of pop (no pun intended) culture items.

From the mind of Guillermo del Toro, Trollhunters is the story of Jim Lake, Jr.—a normal American teenager who reluctantly becomes a Trollhunter. Trollhunters are “chosen” by a magical amulet that grants the wearer certain powers. Jim’s mission, like that of all the Trollhunters before him, is to protect good trolls from evil trolls—known as Gumm-Gumms.

From Jim to Bular, Funko captures everything that made the series a hit on Netflix.

Pop! Television Trollhunters 466 Jim with Gnome

The hero and main protagonist for Trollhunters is Jim. Here, he’s in his full fighting armor and paired with a gnome. The armor is highly detailed and the various etchings and rustic details are faithfully reproduced. He’s also armed with his giant oversized sword.

Pop! Television Trollhunters 467 Toby with Gnome

Toby, Jim’s loyal best friend, is also paired with a gnome (we’re not sure if it’s Gnome Chompsky). The character is shown with his customary nerdy vest sweater and apprehensive pose. The detail that puts this figure over the top is Toby’s hair—parted and flipped up to look just how it is in the show.

Pop! Television Trollhunters 469 Blinkous Galadrigal

To tell you the truth, Blinkous Galadrial isn’t that much different in Pop! form. His appearance in the actual show makes him look like a Pop! already. That’s why this figure is virtually a perfect reproduction of the character. I could almost hear Kelsey Grammar’s voice.

Pop! Television Trollhunters 470 Aaarrrgghh!!!

The gentle giant troll Aaarrrgghh!!! (yes, I have to consciously count out each letter when I’m typing his name) is another figure that doesn’t differ much from his actual show form. The exaggerated features and large head make him a perfect candidate to be Pop!-ified. The shade of color on the character is also perfectly reproduced, as well as his imposing, yet friendly demeanor.

Pop! Television Trollhunters 471 Bular

Bular, son of the Gumm-Gumms’ leader, is shown as threatening as ever. The red eyes are perfectly contrasted with his black and dark blue paint job. If you look close enough, you can also see the tiny skulls that adorn his belt.

Pop! Television Trollhunters 468 Claire with Gnome

Clair, Jim’s love interest, is also paired with a gnome. The hair on the Pop! model shows everything the show version has—the row of three barrettes and a blue-dyed streak.

Pop! Television Trollhunters 473 Toby Armored

Finally, we have an armored Toby (well, armored in his own way). This is an earlier version—before he acquired the mystical warhammer. The detailing on this specific Pop! is amazing. Notice the haphazardly strapped on flashlight and other homemade “weapons.” Though it’s not specifically labeled, this figure is also paired with a gnome.

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

Funko’s Trollhunters line should be in every fan’s collection. The look of the animated series is perfectly captured by these Pop!s. The most impressive qualities are the various details found on each one. Another bonus is the fact that some of them come with an extra figure (the human characters being paired with a gnome). I’m looking forward to seeing if Funko will be offering a continuation of this line. The show was just renewed for a second season, so another set of Pop! figures may just happen.

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A special thanks to Funko marketing manager Yoko McCann for accommodating The Fanboy Review and helping us with this review.

Disclosure: The Fanboy Review was provided with free samples from Funko for the purposes of this review.

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