Funko Marvel Collector Corps – December 2017 “Hulk” Unboxing

Image Courtesy of Funko for Marvel Collector Corps

Check out our unboxing of Funko’s Collector Corps December 2017 “Hulk” box which contains exclusive collectible items.

What better way to wrap up the year than to be greeted with Funko’s newest Collector Corps December 2017 box. This month, Funko gives us a “smashingly” huge offering with a Hulk-themed box.

Like the character himself, the box becomes a raging beast once you open it. Why? Keep this in mind: I’ve talked about how Funko should really concentrate on giving some substantial Pop!s. Well, it seems subscribers were very good boys and good girls this year, because “Funko Clause” has answered our Christmas wishes.

This is one box you really do want to make angry. Join us, as The Fanboy Review “Hulk Smashes” our way through this awesome unboxing!


Photo Credit: Steve Lam

The Unboxing!

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As we open the lid, we find the packing slip that also doubles as the advertisement for Collector Corps’ February 2018 box. At first, I thought it was going to be a Wolverine-themed box. However, upon further inspection, I noticed that it’s not three slashes, but four. Also, given that the MCU’s Black Panther will be released in February 2018, the four slashes could hint at a box dedicated to the movie—after all, T’Challa does have vibranium claws.

Taking out the packing slip, I was stunned when I saw one of the biggest Pop!s for a Funko subscription box to-date. I had to compose myself and continue with the unboxing (we’ll definitely be looking at that Pop! … or should I say “Pop!s” soon). Beside the Pop! box was the customary t-shirt. Removing the t-shirt, we find a Dorbz-ified Hulk stress ball and a Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Pop! keychain. At the bottom of the box, we find Funko’s other staple—the famous patch.

After emptying the contents, we can see a very nicely designed inner lining for the box. I like how the Hulk’s image takes up both sections of the lid.

The Details!

Collector Corps “Hulk” Packing Slip

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The packing slip shows how this month’s Collector Corps box was created and assembled. You can bet that I was the most interested in their design of the Hulk and Bruce Banner Pop!s.  It’s always fun to see how they came up with the concept and the overall execution.

Turning the packing slip over, we see the advertisement for February 2018. As noted before, it’s a mystery of what it is. I think this is the first time I’m baffled. My guess is that it has something to do with Black Panther—as the release of that box coincides with the film’s release.

Collector Corps “Hulk” Patch

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

This month’s patch is simple and straightforward. I love the colors and I love how the Hulk’s visage is set against his other primary color of purple. The lettering for “THE INCREDIBLE HULK” is bold with no adornments—a perfect typeset for this larger-than-life hero.

Collector Corps “Hulk” T-Shirt

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

The Hulk t-shirt doesn’t have a Pop!-ified design, but it’s beautiful and mesmerizing nonetheless. Set against the black backdrop of the t-shirt, we see each stage of Bruce Banners transformation into the Jade Giant via bright, vibrant colors. It’s a great tribute to the comics and a definite conversation starter if you were to wear it outside.

Collector Corps Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Pop! Keychain

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Paying respect to the Hulk’s recent return to the silver screen, Funko includes a Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Pop! keychain. The keychain’s design is an exclusive to Collector Corps, as other similar Pop! keychains from the same line don’t sport Hulk wearing his helmet (like he does in the film).

Collector Corps “Hulk” Dorbz Stress Ball

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At first glance, it looks like a benign extra item: a Hulk Dorbz-ified figure. Upon closer inspection I discovered that this was a stress ball, which made it all the more appropriate. In a way, this is so meta. We’re alleviating our stress with an object that looks like the epitome of what we’re trying to relieve. It’s definitely something that needs to be on any collector’s desk. Just the mere sight of it will elicit some laughs.

Collector Corps “Hulk” Pop! 284 The Hulk & Bruce Banner Figure

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And, finally, just when you thought Funko outdid itself with two Pop! figures in the last Collector Corps offering, we get one of the biggest Pop! sets to-date. The Hulk and Bruce Banner Pop! combo is beautifully packaged and arranged in the box to look just like the cover of Incredible Hulk #1.

The Hulk is grey, of course (his original color), and is highly detailed. The pose is also very accurate to Jack Kirby’s original design. The Bruce Banner figure is colorful and beautifully rendered. From his glasses to his lab coat and pink pants, everything is perfect. This is one of the most impressive Pop!’s in the Collector Corps line.

Final Round-Up

Let’s cut to the chase: the patch, t-shirt, keychain, and stress ball are all just extras. The real star of the show was the Hulk and Bruce Banner Pop! set. Those alone were worth the price of admission for this month’s box. Now, would I call the rest of the contents filler? Not at all, The t-shirt and patch are customary items (a staple in the older boxes). The stress ball was a great inside joke, and the keychain was very appropriate—especially the fact it’s an item exclusive to Collector Corps.

Funko really gave its fan’s a treat this Christmas with one of the largest Pop! figures to-date. Two beatifully sculpted figures that pay homage to one of the greatest superheroes in comics.

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Not convinced yet? Due to the items being exclusive and unique to this offering, we’re going to do a theoretical breakdown in price using comparable items found on Amazon and Ebay:

  • “Hulk” Patch: $4.00–$5.00
  • “Hulk” T-Shirt: $10.00–$20.00
  • “Thor: Ragnarok” Hulk Pop! Keychain: $4.99–$6.99
  • “Dorbz” Stress Ball: $8.99–$9.99
  • “Hulk” Pop! 284 The Hulk & Bruce Banner Figure: $30.00–$60.00

Using the lower-end of the pricing, all items add up to be $57.98. Is it a mystery that the Pop! figure set has already become a much sought after item? I have a feeling that the price on that will rise substantially in the coming months—especially when we get into Avengers: Infinity War season!

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

Funko has once again proven how collectors and fans can win with their subscription boxes. The trend of issuing more and bigger Pop!s is something I’m very excited about.

A special thanks to Funko Marketing Manager Yoko McCann for helping us with this review.

Disclosure: The Fanboy Review was provided with a free December 2017 Marvel Collector Corps box for the purposes of this review.

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