DC Comics Awesome Activities for Super Heroes Review

Start Your Christmas Shopping Early with DC Comics Awesome Activities for Super Heroes

If you’re like most of the population and are at a loss of how to shop for that little comic book fanatic in your life, look no further than Downtown Bookworks. The publisher once again brings us a fun-filled tome that’s filled with DC characters—DC Comics Awesome Activities for Super Heroes.

The book contains over 150 pages of activities for that budding young super hero. Activities include: cracking codes, mazes, picture puzzles, gadget designing, sketch challenges, and more. It’ll definitely hone and sharpen the minds of the next generation of crusaders and crime-fighters.

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The book also has something for adults who are looking for a bit of nostalgia. From cover to cover, the book is filled with classic artwork from the earliest days of DC Comics to their more campy run during the 1980s. So for parents who are a bit dismayed by some of the darker material currently out there, this book only contains the brightest of what DC has to offer—hey, it has Plastic Man in it, how much more child-friendly can you get?

The overall construction of the book is also quite durable and high-quality. We know that going up against villains means there will be a bit of rough handling. Downtown Bookworks counteracts those escapades with a nice front and back cardstock cover and thick paper. No marker or pencil will easily penetrate these pages of steel.

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Written by Sarah Parvis, the DC Comics Awesome Activities for Super Heroes is currently available for $14.99 US, $16.99 CA. It can be found online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and at comic book stores. So be like the Flash and scoop this up as quickly as possible to beat that holiday rush!

A special thanks to Downtown Bookworks Editorial/Marketing Associate Sara DiSalvo for helping us with this review.

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