Action Comics #1000 Commemorative Collection Unboxing

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An unboxing and review of DC Comics’ gift to Superman fans—a commemorative collection of items celebrating Action Comics #1000.

The 1000th of anything is an achievement for any series of items. In the world of comics, it’s even more so. Initially seen as just entertainment for children, the world of comics is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. It should be no surprise that the first comic book series to reach 1000 issues is none other than the one that introduced the granddaddy of all superheroes—Superman. Action Comics will hit this milestone in a few days with the release of Action Comics #1000—and it will be a celebration for the ages. To mark this very momentous occasion, DC Comics has generously put together a commemorative gift box for fans. And The Fanboy Review was one of the fortunate ones to receive this package.

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Join us as we do an unboxing and review of all the “super-items” commemorating the first and grandest of all superheroes!

The Unboxing

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The box is plain white and adorned with a modern silhouette illustration of the Man of Steel’s iconic pose that was on the cover of his first appearance. Opening the box, we’re immediately greeted with a pair of red trunks, a rolled up t-shirt, and letter. We’ll get to those real soon. Removing those items, we see a special foil-cover variant of Action Comics #1000. Taking that out, we see a hardcover copy of Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman Deluxe Edition.

Action Comics No. 1000 T-Shirt

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The Action Comics No.1000 (notice that it’s not “#1000,” but the classic comic book numbering scheme of using “No.”) t-shirt has the comic’s cover art by Jim Lee reproduced against a navy background—and yes, the trunks are back for this momentous occasion. The sleeve has DC’s modern logo. Overall, the t-shirt itself is a thick weave. The dark color is perfect for the bright saturated colors of the artwork.

The Return of the Red Trunks!

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The bright red trunks are humorous, but very symbolic and endearing. “Trunks or no trunks” is one of those debates that’s up there with “Superman vs. Batman,” Lois Lane or Lana Lang?,” “Pre-Crisis Superman or Post-Crisis Superman?,” etc. … you get the idea. The red trunks make a comeback in this 1000th issue of Action Comics. And just so you know, I’m a supporter of the trunks. It’s what makes Superman, Superman. The guy has super-confidence, so he doesn’t care if people say he wears his underwear on the outside. The Man of Tomorrow is a trendsetter … but I digress.

The trunks here have a button fly along with a silky yellow waistband adorned with Superman’s “S” in the center. Flipping them over, we’re shown the message “#TheTrunksAreBack.” The letter encourages super-fans to take a picture of themselves wearing the trunks and sharing them to the world. Now, I will say this: I dare not do it not because I would be embarrassed, but I’m just not worthy. Superman’s garb is to be worn with respect. It’s a uniform. I will not be a party to stolen valor.

Commemorating 80 Years

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A celebration isn’t complete without a hardcover edition giving fans a historical walkthrough of the Big Blue Boy Scout’s 80 years. At 384 pages, you can guarantee that it will be a comprehensive guide of every aspect of this Kryptonian’s legacy. Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman Deluxe Edition is a great book and will definitely complement and complete any fan’s bookshelf. You can currently purchase this at comic book stores. It will be available everywhere on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

Action Comics #1000

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And, finally, the monumental literary masterpiece—Action Comics #1000. Most fans know that after Flashpoint, DC Comics had a line-wide change and a lot of titles were canceled and renumbered. Action Comics wasn’t spared in this change—even though it had already published over 900 issues by this time—and it was restarted at #1. After 2016’s Rebirth initiative, Action Comics made a return to its old numbering system. A wise choice if I may say so myself. “1000” is a number to be proud of and it should be shown and praised just like Superman’s legendary sigil.

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On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, make sure to get your copy—or two—of Action Comics #1000. And, no, it’s not going to be worth millions of dollars like Action Comics #1 (then again, you’ll never know), but get it because it’s a beautiful memento. Superman isn’t just the inspiration and template for all the superheroes we see today, but a character who has transcended the medium. People who live to be Superman strive to be better and believe in the good of everyone and everything. 80 years and 1000 issues is quite an accomplishment, but being a fictional character who has and continues to inspire people for that many years is almost unprecedented. Celebrate this rare event and make sure you get your copy!

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

A special thank you to Michael Shelling and Brandy Phillips at DC Comics for this very awesome commemorative gift box.

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