Wentworth Miller Announces He’s Leaving CW Arrow-verse

Wentworth Miller
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It looks like Wentworth Miller has decided to bring his time as classic Flash villain Captain Cold to a conclusion, at least for now.

It would appear that things are going to be a bit less chilly around the shared DC television universe commonly known as the Arrow-verse next year.

Wentworth Miller, who has portrayed Captain Cold since the very first season of The CW’s The Flash, announced on his Instagram that he is leaving the role.

Miller took the role of Captain Cold, arguably the best known of the Flash’s nefarious Rogues, and made it very much his own. So much so that the character not only returned for the second and third seasons of the series, but he joined the spinoff Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular when that show launched in 2016.

Since then, Miller had reworked his contract so that the good Captain could come and go as a recurring character. But it would seem that once that contract is up, Miller is taking his freeze gun and walking away.

Miller is now the second Legends cast member to announce that he is leaving the show. In October Victor Garber announced he was also leaving the series in which he had played the Martin Stein half of Firestorm since the show made its debut. In Garber’s case, he is leaving the series so he can star in the broadway revival of Hello, Dolly alongside Bernadette Peters.

Given the time travel nature of Legends of Tomorrow as well as The Flash, there is every possibility that Miller could return pretty much any time he wants. A Flash without a Captain Cold is almost impossible to think about, and Miller has defined the part to the point where I think recasting just wouldn’t be possible.

But given that Legends is losing not one but two key cast members, you have to wonder what the future holds for the series. Yes, new heroes could definitely be brought in to replace the departing Stein and Cold, but the chemistry between the cast is an important part of what makes the series so much fun. Replacing that will be difficult, especially since Miller was such a big reason the series worked so well.

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As of yet The CW has made no comment of Miller’s impending departure.

Legends of Tomorrow is currently in its third season and airs on The CW on Tuesday nights at 9 PM.

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