Warner Bros. Releases Final Trailer For Ready Player One

Ready Player One
Warner Bros.

With the release of the highly anticipated Ready Player One right around the corner, Warner Bros. has dropped the final trailer for the film, and it’s a doozy.

With everyone and their brother having seen the phenomenon that is Black Panther by now, it’s the perfect time for another possible blockbuster to arrive in theaters everywhere.

And with a film legend like Steven Spielberg in the director’s chair, that is exactly what Warner Bros. is hoping for with their film adaption of the best-selling novel Ready Player One.

Of course, it’s easy to forget that up until recently, it’s been a bit of a tough go to get positive buzz for the adaption of Ernest Cline’s science fiction novel about the fight for control of the virtual reality world known as the OASIS. The first two trailers, while popular, didn’t really connect with fans like Warner Bros’ was hoping. Then there is the fact that if you are familiar with the book, you know changes, likely some big ones, had to be made to the story.

Add in a $175 million budget and that the name “Spielberg” on a film isn’t the guarantee of a box office smash it used to be and you have some very nervous executives in the Warner Bros. offices.

Of course, that was all before the film had its first screening at SXSW and by all accounts, blew everyone away. The reviews have been incredibly positive and the movie has taken social media by storm.

And just in time to capitalize on all the good buzz, WB has released the third and final trailer for Ready Player One, which many are calling the best one yet.

Now, I’ll be honest here. I have read the novel and loved every page of it. So the thought of a seeing a film adaption has filled me with both dread and excitement for months. But unfortunately, after seeing the first two trailers, the dread was quickly overtaking any excitement I may have been feeling.

I fully realized the story was going to have to be changed for the big screen and I had no issue with that. My problem was that Ready Player One looked like it was going to be all flash and amazing special effects, but without any of the heart that made the novel such a entertaining read.

Now that I have watched the new trailer, I can safely say my excitement for this movie is back and in a big way.

The effects look like literally nothing I’ve seen in a movie before. But more importantly, it looks like Spielberg has captured the essence of what made Ready Player One such a great book: fun.

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In an age when even movies about superheros have a tendency to take themselves way too seriously, Ready Player One looks like it’s going to be a movie full of heart, action and enough Easter eggs to keep film geeks coming back again and again.

Ready Player One opens in theaters everywhere on March 29.

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