Suicide Squad 2 Possibly To Begin Filming This Fall In UK

Suicide Squad
Warner Bros.

The sequel to Suicide Squad could begin filming as soon as this fall and will move the production from Canada across the pond to England.

It looks like their might just be a light at the end of the tunnel concerning the fallout from the box office disaster that was Justice League. Despite a ton of uncertainty concerning the future of the entire DC Extended Universe hanging over everyone’s head, progress is staring to be made and the shared cinematic universe may be finding a new direction.

Production on Shazam! is well under way with images starting to leak from the set almost daily. A new director (or in this care, directors) have finally been found for the beleaguered Flash solo film and Wonder Woman 2 is set to start production very soon.

Of course the DCEU still has a ton of problems. The future of The Batman is continually up in the air as is whether Warner Bros. even wants to go forward with a Batgirl movie after the departure of Joss Whedon.

It seems like every time the DCEU takes one step forward, it then takes two back.

One project that appears ready to begin production is Suicide Squad 2. Gavin O’Conner has come on board to write and direct the sequel after David Ayers decided to leave to concentrate on Gotham City Sirens and he has promised a more grounded film that would be truer to the tone of the characters.

Think less sorcery and magic and more grim and gritty.

Despite the fact Suicide Squad was a punching bag for critics, it made a killing at the box office, earning over $750 million worldwide. Which would explain why Warner Bros. is so keen on getting the sequel into production. The film is set to begin filming this October and the movie will be shooting in a new location.

Instead of Toronto, Canada where the first movie was filmed this time the production will be moving to the UK. Omega Underground is reporting that the sequel will shoot in Leavesden, England where Warner Bros. has a major studio stage where a handful of previous DC movies have filmed. Wonder Woman 2 will begin shooting there this summer and it looks like the plan is for Suicide Squad 2 to move in just as the Wonder Woman sequel is leaving.

Very little is known about the storyline or plot for Suicide Squad 2, with the only bit of information being that Dwayne Johnson will make his debut as Black Adam in the film. Given the mess that Justice League became, you can be sure Warner Bros. wants a script locked in before a bit of footage is shot.

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Currently Suicide Squad 2 does not have a release date but as soon as that changes you can read all about it right here on The Fanboy Review.

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