Review: Marvel’s The Defenders—Season 1, Episode 3—”Worst Behavior”

The Defenders "Worst Behavior" Team Meets for the First Time

“Worst Behavior” thrusts The Defenders into some much needed thrills and action.

The Defenders finally picks up some much needed momentum with “Worst Behavior.” And is it a surprise that this uptick in action and development is due to another Daredevil character? Yep, Stick makes his appearance—and he’s as badass as ever! Seriously, the man is at Navy SEAL-level awesomeness here. The episode finishes off with a cool fight scene that has one big caveat—Jessica Jones looking a bit awkward. I’ll dig into that later.

I’m sure audiences have been dying to find out more about Alexandra Reid. This episode delves into her agenda a bit more and we see she’s the one behind Elektra Natchios’s resurrection. After submerging her in some evil molasses. I have no idea what it is, but I’m going with molasses because that’s what it looked like—and it also gave her the sweet breath of life. Sorry, bad joke and pun. I can’t help myself. Anyway, as Elektra climbs out of her tomb looking wetter than a Xenomorph (see what I did there? Sigourney Weaver was in the Alien franchise), we discover she’s lost most of her higher cognitive abilities—but will regain them soon enough.

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The training starts, and we see Elektra start to kick some serious ass. The final stage of her training has her going up against a group of elite Hand ninjas. The big cheat here is the lights going out. When they come back on, the ninjas have been massacred. I get it, they want to show how efficient she is, but this just kind of screams, “We ain’t got the dough to spend on some fight scenes.”

Now that Elektra is all trained and ready, Alexandra presents her with her suit. I guess that’s her version of a graduation gift. We next see Stick who’s been captured by the Hand and held as a prisoner. He refuses to give up the Iron Fist—even with Elektra’s blade at his throat. But we’re talking about Stick here. The man always has a plan. After disarming Elektra and taking her blade, he makes his next move. However, he’s still handcuffed. Now what? The guy nonchalantly lops off his hand and frees himself. If that’s not hardcore, I don’t know what is.

Moving on to our heroes’ realm, they all separately learn of a shell company the Hand is using. All four converge at the company’s building and end up fighting the board—which are actually Hand ninjas in suits. Now, this is where Jessica has an awkward moment. She lays in a few good hits, but then suddenly seems lost. I don’t know, the choreography could’ve used a bit more polish. Don’t believe me? Check out the fight at the 1-minute 50-second mark:

I’m glad we’re finally seeing some narrative focus and movement. I hope things get even better after “Worst Behavior.” With the formalities out of the way, the team can now get to the mission at hand (sorry again for the pun).

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Marvel’s The Defenders premiered on August 18, 2017. Season 1 is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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