Is Peter Tomasi Moving To Detective Comics?

Peter Tomasi

With Brian Michael Bendis taking over the Superman titles, rumors are circulating that Peter Tomasi may be moving over to Detective Comics.

Everyone knew that when DC finally revealed what character writer Brian Michael Bendis would be working on, it would be a huge story. But I don’t think anyone anticipated the domino effect it would have on so many titles.

With Bendis taking over both Superman and Action Comics, the current creative teams on those books are now out of work. And while some readers are very excited to see what Bendis has planned for the Man of Steel, others are considerably less so.

This may be because Dan Jurgens and Peter Tomasi (along with co-plotter Patrick Gleason on Superman) were doing some amazing work on those books. They had managed to not only make the Clark Kent a compelling character again, but had done so by restoring so much of what the New 52 reboot had wiped away.

It just seems like a shame to see them have to stop such an enjoyable run of comics because Brian Michael Bendis wants to write Superman all by himself.

However, if rumors are to be believed, Metropolis’ loss may be Gotham City’s gain.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that there is lots of talk that Tomasi may be taking over writing Detective Comics in the wake of this May’s DC Nation #0.

As many fans are well aware, Tomasi is no stranger to writing Batman. He and Gleason worked on a very popular 40-issue run of Batman and Robin as part of the New 52 and Tomasi has done editing and writing on lots of Batman comics over the years.

Thus far it is not known if Gleason will be joining Tomasi as the artist on Detective Comics. While he is currently the listed as working on Action Comics #1001 (still feels weird writing that) there is no word if he will be on the book past that point.

So what will happen to current Detective Comics writer John Tynion IV? Word is that he will be quite busy working on the new family of Justice League titles that will spin out of the conclusion of Dark Knights: Metal.

First Tynion will be co-writing the four-issue weekly miniseries Justice League: No Justice with Scott Snyder and Joshua Williamson that arrives in May. Then he will apparently be taking over one of the new ongoing Justice League spinoff titles that DC has planned to launch in June.

And while it will be a real shame to see one fo the most entertaining Detective Comics runs in recent memory come to an end, there are few writers that can take the title over and not miss a beat like Tomasi.

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DC Nation #0 arrives in comics shops on May 2, three days before Free Comic Book Day, and will set you back a shiny quarter.

When (and if) it is officially announced that Tomasi is your new Detective Comics writer, you can read all about it right here on The Fanboy Review.

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