Marvel Announces New “Fresh Start” Sentry, Deadpool Ongoings

Marvel Comics

The Sentry and Deadpool are the latest characters to get new ongoing series as part of Marvel’s “Fresh Start” reboot this summer.

Marvel Comics decided to go for a two-for-one when it came to announcements regarding their “Fresh Start” reboot/relaunch/renumbering initiative that will arrive in comic shops this summer.

First came one that I doubt many people were expecting and that was the reveal by Comic that The Sentry would be getting a “Fresh Start” ongoing series.

The Sentry as a character always seemed to have a lot of potential but most of that was wasted on mediocre storylines, mostly in the pages of the various Bendis era Avengers titles. Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Kim Jacinto are looking to change that with this new series that will spin out of the Sentry’s recent appearance in Doctor Strange.

The new series will see Bob Reynolds, aka the Sentry, integrated into the Marvel Universe more than he had been previously. It will also see the return of his evil other half, The Void, who is currently locked in Doctor Strange’s closet and will explore the relationship between the two.

According to Lemire, who spoke to Comic about the new series, you can look forward to a book unlike most superhero titles currently on the stands.

“The Sentry is a fascinating character. I absolutely loved the original Sentry series by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee when it first came out, so I jumped at the chance to write the character. The Sentry has a lot of emotional depth and a lot for me to dig into in terms of the psychology of the character. He is immensely powerful and has the potential to be one of the greatest and most important heroes in the Marvel Universe, but he is constantly undermined by his own dark side and his own self-doubt.”

The other Marvel “Fresh Start” announcement, this time via, was that yes, Deadpool would be getting a new series with a brand new first issue.

Deadpool #1 (this time without the Despicable) will be written by Skottie Young with artwork from Nic Klein. It should come as no shock that the Merc With A Mouth would be getting in on the “Fresh Start” fun and it would seem “fun” is the key word about the new series.

While speaking with Polygon about the new series, Young described his plans for Deadpool and how bringing the funny will be a priority.

“Fast paced, big and humorous. I like to write stories that move fast and keep you on the ride. And I like to try and make you laugh while someone his getting their arm broken or head exploded. hahaha. Similar to my run on Rocket, I like doing shorter stories and have threads that weave in and out.”

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While a Deadpool series was fully expected, a Sentry ongoing seemed to come out of left field. It will be interesting to see what else Marvel has planned as more “Fresh Start” titles are announced.

Both The Sentry and Deadpool go one sale in comic shops and digitally this June.

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