Justice League Blu-Ray Review

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. for Justice League

The Justice League Blu-ray shines in its special features which take viewers through a summarized history of DC’s greatest superhero team.

Justice League is now ready for purchase on home video. Granted, the movie itself was disappointing—critically and financially—but it was still better than that debacle known as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Okay, maybe only marginally better. However, I believe that when a film goes to home media, it’s a completely different product. And that warrants a new critique—something not centered on the film itself, but on new content. Justice League as a home video release delivers on the front of special features. Yes, I know there is a lack of deleted scenes and, again, I’m emphasizing that I’m not judging this release on the film itself. So let’s put that mythical “Snyder cut” to the background for now.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. for Justice League

The Justice League Blu-ray comes with a slew of bonus material that give viewers a fun visual timeline of the famed DC superhero team. DC big-guns—Geoff Johns, Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, and Bruce Timm—show us the beginnings of the Justice League and how they’ve evolved through the years. They also cover the various incarnations and how different eras molded the characteristics of our heroes. Concentrating only on the team aspect of things, the creative luminaries give us a distilled history lesson on this legendary team. Of course, the Justice League’s true foundation is the Trinity—Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Each of these three DC icons are given some special attention in terms of what they bring to the team.

As for characters being introduced in this new film, a special section is dedicated to our heroes—the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg—and the main villain, Steppenwolf. Here, Ray Fisher (who plays Cyborg in the film) plays host and introduces us to the Justice League’s newest members. Slightly delving into their origins and backstories, Fisher also covers the special talents and conflicts of each freshman Leaguer.

For years, behind-the-scenes clips have been a staple of home video releases—and this Blu-ray is no different. Warner Bros. shows viewers how they brought these bigger-than-life heroes to fruiton with four “scene studies,” which range from the Amazons’ battle with Steppenwolf to Superman’s initial rebirth. In these clips, the audience is given a tour of the laborious planning and preparation work—which show off the cast and crew working their magic in order to pull off these action-packed sequences. It makes one appreciate the art of cinema that much more.

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Finally, superhero movie magic isn’t complete without the most important component—the costumes. Master costume designer Michael Wilkinson and the cast lead viewers through the design of each character’s suit. From the Trinity’s newly revised outfits to Cyborg’s pre-production “pajamas,” the team explores how the costumes aid in conveying the qualities of each Leaguer.

The Justice League Blu-ray’s history lesson and snippets of movie-making introspection make it a worthwhile watch. The movie may not have been great, but the bonus material wins for cinephiles interested in modern-day filmmaking.

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