Is It Extermination Time For The Original X-Men?

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has sent out a teaser which would seem to indicate that it may be game over for the younger versions of the original X-Men.

Like any comic book writer, the career of Brian Michael Bendis has had some highs and lows.

He created Jessica Jones, rebooted the whole Avengers family of titles and gave readers not one, but two of the best versions of Spider-Man to ever appear on the printed page.

Ask anyone and they will tell you those are all incredible accomplishments.

Then there was his work on the X-Men. Which… wasn’t.

When Bendis left the Avengers titles her then took over stewardship of Marvel’s mutants, fans expected the same kind of great storytelling they had just experienced in the Avengers. He began writing Uncanny X-Men and launched All-New X-Men, the latter of which saw the original five X-Men travel back in time to save the world or inspire their future selves or… something. Honestly it was never really made clear why they had come back in time.

Years later, Bendis left the X-Men titles will little fanfare and the time travel storyline still unresolved. Since then various writers have tried their best to use the characters, most recently in X-Men: Blue, with mixed results.

Now it would appear Marvel is ready to resolve the issue of the younger versions of the X-Men once and for all.

On Tuesday Marvel released a teaser for a new book titles Extermination with a cover by Mark Brooks and the creative team of Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz. The title will arrive in August 2018 and the publisher promises more information will be revealed at the C2E2 convention during their True Believer panel.

Marvel Comics

The image includes both the young and old versions of the original X-Men and it sure looks like none of them are having any fun.

The bottom line is that resolving this whole plot point is long overdue. The idea made little to no sense when Bendis launched All-New X-Men and when you add the fact that the characters are incredibly unlikeable (especially Jean Grey) why they have hung around as long as they have is a mystery to just about everyone.

Speculation is already running rampant that a new Uncanny X-Men title will launch out of Extermination or some kind of “Fresh Start” X-Men-related family of titles. With Disney possibly buying 20th Century Fox, there is no reason for the various mutant teams to be in the shadow of the Avengers anymore.

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Who knows? Maybe we’ll get a weekly series a la Avengers: No Surrender by some of Marvel’s A-list talent. One can dream.

As more information about Extermination is revealed, you will be able to read all about it right here on The Fanboy Review.

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