Green Arrow Goes Monthly In November With Issue #34

Green Arrow
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Green Arrow is the latest DC title to make the switch from twice-monthly to monthly and it sees the return of the iconic character Shado.

When DC launched the whole Rebirth promotion, one of the biggest selling points was that about half the line would be published twice-monthly. Marvel had been publishing books at that rate for years but DC seemed hesitant to follow suit. They had great success with weekly titles such as 52 and Trinity, but moving an ongoing series to such an ambitious schedule didn’t seem to interest them.

Until Rebirth.

Most of the books that received the twice-monthly treatment have been doing very well. Flash, Batman, Superman and the rest have seen nice sales spikes and increased reader interest. But something told me that it wouldn’t last forever for the entire line, especially the titles that might have smaller readerships than say Batman or Suicide Squad.

So it came as no surprise when Cyborg went to a regular monthly schedule followed by Aquaman a few months later. While both are popular, neither has the hardcore readership of other books and going monthly again made more sense for each title’s longterm health.

And now you can add Green Arrow to that list.

When DC released their November solicitation, Green Arrow had one solicitation instead of two. In addition, the book had gone from a $2.99 price point to $3.99, which is standard for the DC titles that come out monthly.

Also, it would seem the entire creative team is looking at the move as a way to kickstart the creative juices of the title. Green Arrow has consistently been one of the best book of the Rebirth relaunch, so I’m not sure why they felt it was necessary. But given the image Green Arrow editor Andy Khouri sent out on his Twitter feed, you can count me in.

That, for those of you who may not know, is Shado, one of the most iconic characters from Mike Grell’s run on Green Arrow from the late 1980s.

From the DC Comics solicitation:

“THE TRIAL OF TWO CITIES” part two! It’s a revelation Ollie Queen could never have imagined, even in his darkest dreams. Long thought dead, his mother, Moira, is alive; she’s a leader of the Ninth Circle; she’s responsible for destroying Seattle; and because of Green Arrow, her partners are going to kill her. Moira needs Ollie’s protection, not just from any assassin: she is the former lover of Moira’s late husband. She is the mother of Ollie’s half-sister, Emiko. She is Green Arrow’s deadliest enemy. She is Shado.

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In the New 52, the writers made some changes to Shado’s relationship with Ollie, which honestly wasn’t the worst idea. But given this is Rebirth, you have to wonder if some more alterations may be coming. Regardless, Shado is still an amazing character and any time she returns to the world of Green Arrow you can be assured a very good read will almost always follow.

Green Arrow #34 arrives in comic shops and on digital devices on November 1.

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