Funko Marvel Collector Corps – February 2018 “Animal Instinct” Unboxing

Image Courtesy of Funko for Marvel Collector Corps

Check out our unboxing of Funko’s Collector Corps February “Animal Instinct” box which contains exclusive collectible items.

With this February being the release of Black Panther, Funko saw fit to give tribute to not only the Wakandan king, but Marvel characters that have animal namesakes. Yes, “Animal Instinct” is the theme and Collector Corps has handpicked a neglected few from Marvel’s extensive library.

Usually, when talking about animal-themed characters, the first one that comes to mind would be Wolverine—probably famous not just in Marvel’s realm, but in the overall comics medium. However, choosing the most famous one would be too boring. That’s like choosing Superman any time you want a representation of DC (but I wouldn’t complain being the Man of Steel fan I am).

So what did Funko choose as Marvel’s ambassadors for this month? Join us as we unbox another exciting selection of items from February 2018’s Collector Corps offering!


Photo Credit: Steve Lam

The Unboxing!

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Flipping over the lid, we’re immediately presented with this month’s t-shirt. More on that later. Removing the t-shirt, we see most of the box’s contents: a “Rocket” pen and pad, “Squirrel Girl” patch, “Rhino” Pop!, and “Black Panther” Wobbler. No packing manifest this month. Emptying everything, we see a nicely designed interior.

The Details!

Collector Corps “Squirrel Girl” Patch

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

The “Squirrel Girl” patch is one of the most colorful and detailed patches so far from Collector Corps. The various shades of brown and orange really give the patch some nice dimension. With the character seemingly leaping out from the background, that three-dimensional effect is heightened.

Collector Corps “Rocket” Pen and Pad

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This is definitely something new from Collector Corps. The “Rocket” pen shows our furry hero perched at the top. Turning it around, you’ll notice that the small figure is given some fine detailing—his backpack is recreated. The matching pad has a nice “Rocket” watermark on each piece of paper—enough to make a statement without disrupting your notes.

Collector Corps “Howard the Duck” T-Shirt

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

Certainly one of the most neglected heroes (could it be that horrible ’80s movie?), Howard the Duck is illustrated on this black t-shirt with some striking colors. The intense shadowing adds to the overall noir-ish ambiance. It’s definitely an eye-catching design.

Collector Corps “Marvel” Pop! 309 Rhino Figure

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You can’t have a great box without a great villain. We have the classic Rhino—one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes—as a Pop! figure. The “Rhino” figure is well-sculpted and is shown in a very aggressive, intimidating stance. The face complements his body language in that he’s shown with a frowning grimace.

Collector Corps “Black Panther” Wobblers Figure

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Finally, we have the star of this month’s show—Black Panther is given the bobble-head treatment as a Wobbler figure. Overall, the figure is very nicely sculpted. The exaggerated thin body actually gives the figure a bit of movement. The detailing of his suit is also nicely recreated. It’s a fun tribute to one of Marvel’s greatest heroes.

Final Round-Up

“Animal Instinct” gave focus to Marvel characters with animal-like characteristics, qualities, and namesakes. The items ranged from the humorous (Squirrel Girl) to the more serious and heroic (Black Panther). Collector Corps could’ve easily went with famous characters (e.g. Wolverine), but lesser known characters were given the spotlight.

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Not convinced yet? Due to the items being exclusive and unique to this offering, we’re going to do a theoretical breakdown in price using comparable items found on Amazon and Ebay:

  • “Squirrel Girl” Patch: $4.00–$5.00
  • “Rocket” Pen and Pad: $10.00–$16.00
  • “Howard the Duck” T-Shirt: $10.00–$20.00
  • “Marvel” Pop! 309 Rhino Figure: $22.50–$75.00
  • “Black Panther” Wobblers Figure: $12.99–$24.99

Using the lower-end of the pricing, all items add up to be $59.49. This month’s box was focused and pretty well-balanced. Funko went with some much neglected characters and a villain. The two figures is definitely a plus, as that’s what collectors and fans are really clamoring for. With Black Panther being the February focus, it’s surprising to see the “Rhino” Pop! being the one that is more sought after (according to the price ranges). Those prices are actually reasonable since there aren’t that many Rhino items to begin with—classic supply and demand at work.

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

This was another fun box with a very fun, focused theme. Of course, April 2018’s Collector Corps box is probably the one that’s on the minds of most fans. Why? The theme will be for Avengers: Infinity War—the culmination of ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

A special thanks to Funko Marketing Manager Yoko McCann for helping us with this review.

Disclosure: The Fanboy Review was provided with a free February 2018 Marvel Collector Corps box for the purposes of this review.

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