Funko DC Legion of Collectors – September 2017 “DC’s Most Wanted” Unboxing

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Check out our unboxing of Funko’s Legion of Collectors September 2017 “DC’s Most Wanted” box which contains exclusive collectible items.

Everyone knows that it’s the villains who make the heroes interesting. What type of character would Superman be if Lex Luthor didn’t have his grand schemes. How would Batman’s moral judgment be challenged without the likes of the Joker? Without these interesting and formidable baddies, our heroes would have too much of an easy time fighting crime—and who would want that?

Luckily for us, the DC universe has no shortage of great villains. As mentioned above, we have Lex Luthor and the Joker. However, we can’t discount the likes of Darkseid, Brainiac, Bane, Mr. Freeze … okay, you get the picture. Bad guys are important. If they did they’re job right, then they’re the characters we love to hate.

After giving us a range of “heroic” offerings, Funko’s Legion of Collectors switches sides this month and gives us “DC’s Most Wanted”—the biggest, baddest super villains in the DC universe! DC’s huge collection of famous evildoers made Funko’s task that much more daunting in seeing which characters would make the cut.

Right off the bat, we got the feeling that Lex Luthor and Joker have to be there—they’re the archenemies of two of the DC Trinity. But an even bigger question is: if they are present, what toy form would they be in? Okay, we’re getting a little bit ahead of ourselves. Let’s see which ones misbehaved enough to get on this list. Lucky for us, we were bestowed a box this month to find out. So stick with us as we do our exclusive unboxing and review.


Photo Credit: Steve Lam

 The Unboxing!

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The cover of the box is adorned with Scarecrow’s profile. Does this mean he’s one of the characters this month? Let’s go through each item and find out. Opening the lid, we have the packing slip which advertises the next Legion of Collectors offering. Is it a surprise that November 2017 will be “Unite the League”? I’m already excited. These are my dream items for the November 2017 box: a Pop! Rides Batman in his Nightcrawler vehicle and a Superman Pop!. Okay, I digress.

Moving on, I do have to note one real surprise this month—Funko doesn’t have that customary pin and patch layer for their box. I’m intrigued. I want to see what new items they’re trying out. Removing the packing slip, we have a Black Manta patch and a Joker luggage tab. Taking those out, we can see a sheet of stickers (we’ll go into those in more detail). The next item is a t-shirt. And, of course, the final coveted items are two Pop!s—Bane and Lex Luthor. Emptying the box, we find the interior designed with a variety of DC villains in their comic book form.

Now, let’s look at each item in more detail …

The Details!

Legion of Collectors “DC’s Most Wanted” Packing Slip

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The packing slip shows how this month’s box was conceptualized and brought to life. The write-up notes the double-meaning behind “Most Wanted”: it’s also the most wanted items from Funko fans. And, confirming my assumptions above, Funko is actually introducing some new items to their offering. Gotta keep things fresh! Turning the packing slip around, we have an advertisement for the Justice League-themed box for November 2017.

Legion of Collectors “DC’s Most Wanted” Patch and Luggage Tag

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The patch for this month features Black Manta. The patch is very symmetrical and gives off a military vibe. The simple black/red/white color scheme gives the overall patch a nice bit of contrast.

Instead of a pin, Funko gives us a Joker luggage tag. Even if I did travel a lot, I don’t think I would use this luggage tag. I would be afraid of getting it damaged. It’s, of course, designed with the likeness of a Pop!-ified Joker. The overall tag is not flat. It’s thick and resembles the front half of a Pop! figure.

Legion of Collectors “DC’s Most Wanted” Stickers

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

Getting stickers in the mail reminds me of elementary school in the 1980s where we would get our Scholastic orders delivered to us in class. Sometimes there would be stickers for a certain number of books in an order. Yes, I’m totally giving away my age here. I wonder if kids get free emojis with their Kindle books in the 21st century. I kid, I kid …

The stickers show Harley Quinn, Black Manta, Sinestro, and Deathstroke looking like chibi-style characters. The “Legion of Collectors” logo is also a sticker.

Legion of Collectors “DC’s Most Wanted” T-Shirt

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

This month’s t-shirt shows some of DC’s most famous villains not in Pop! form, but in their comic book incarnations. The red monochromatic art against the stark black color of the t-shirt makes everything that much more sinister-looking. The more top-down view of the villains also adds to the overall ambiance.

Legion of Collectors “DC’s Most Wanted” Pop! Heroes DC Super Heroes 218 Bane Figure

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Our first Pop! is Bane—or more officially, Pop! Heroes DC Super Heroes 218 Bane. The Man Who Broke the Bat is shown with his famous mask and venom-injecting tubes—which run down to his back. The figure is posed as if he’s cracking his knuckles—ready to unleash a world of hurt. I can almost hear the villain’s Brazilian-accented voice.

Legion of Collectors “DC’s Most Wanted” Pop! Heroes DC Super Heroes 219 Lex Luthor [Mech Suit] Figure

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If you’re going to have a roster of DC’s baddest, you certainly can’t leave out Lex Luthor. Officially, Pop! Heroes DC Super Heroes 219 Lex Luthor [Mech Suit], this Pop! figure shows the bald villain ready to do battle with DC’s most powerful—namely, Superman. The figure is nicely crafted and Funko spared no details. It also has that extra armor piece around the head. The “L” insignia, gloves, belts, and boots are painted with a metallic purple which is another nice detail.

Final Round-Up

With this month’s “DC’s Most Wanted” box, Funko introduces a few new surprises, but continues the trend of providing two Pop!s per box. The pin and comic book have been replaced with a luggage tag and a set of stickers. I think for most fans, as long as Funko continues to provide multiple Pop!s or Dorbz, they will be happy. The whole purpose of Funko’s subscription boxes is to receive Pop! figures.

This month’s t-shirt was also a nice offering. It departed from the Pop!-ified characters of t-shirts-past. Maybe in the future, Funko can offer t-shirt designs that bear the likeness of their other toy lines like Dorbz. Regardless, if there was no pin or comic book, the larger more coveted Pop! figures made this a worthwhile box—especially with the well-designed Lex Luthor Pop!.

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Not convinced yet? Due to the items being exclusive and unique to this offering, we’re going to do a theoretical breakdown in price using comparable items found on Amazon and Ebay:

  • “DC’s Most Wanted” Black Manta Patch: $4.00–$5.00
  • “DC’s Most Wanted” The Joker Luggage Tag: $6.00–$10.00
  • “DC’s Most Wanted” Stickers: $1.00–$2.00
  • “DC’s Most Wanted” T-Shirt: $10.00–$20.00
  • “DC’s Most Wanted” Pop! Heroes DC Super Heroes 218 Bane: $20.00–$34.00
  • “DC’s Most Wanted” Pop! Heroes DC Super Heroes 219 Lex Luthor [Mech Suit]: $10.00–$30.00

Using the lower-end of the pricing, all items add up to be $51.00. The Bane Pop! figure seems to be higher-priced. My guess is there’s a lack of Pop! figures for the character, as opposed to the relatively more famous Lex Luthor character.

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

This was another fun box to open. It’s too bad that more characters couldn’t be represented. Like I said before, it was a difficult task to find which characters made the list.

A special thanks to Funko Marketing Manager Yoko McCann for helping us with this review.

Disclosure: The Fanboy Review was provided with a free September 2017 DC Legion of Collectors box for the purposes of this review.

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