The Flash: Season 4 Extended Trailer Shows Cisco’s Optimism

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The Flash’s Season 4 extended trailer shows emotional conflict and teases a new suit.

We’re only a month away so it’s customary The CW would be ramping up its marketing engine. Part of that means we’ll be getting a whole slew of amazing trailers—and an extended one of those just debuted today. The Flash‘s Season 4 trailer sped in and really delivered the goods with Team Flash pushing forward after Barry Allen’s rejoining with the Speed Force.

At the end of Season 3, Team Flash successfully defeated Savitar … ahem … the “future remnant Flash” … and Iris West was saved from her grim fate. However, the Speed Force came back to collect—needing an occupant to take the place of Jay Garrick … who previously took the place of Wally West … who was previously forced to take the place of Savitar.

Fans of the show knew Barry didn’t die. Team Flash? Well, that’s another story. It seems our beloved STAR Labs cronies believed Barry made the ultimate sacrifice. In this new extended trailer, Iris solidifies her belief that Barry will never return. However, Cisco wants his best friend back and will stop at nothing. It’s a great trailer balancing both emotion and conflict.

It’s not all tears, as the extended trailer also shows the arrival of a new villain in a samurai outfit. The villain, as promised in previous interviews, will not be a speedster. The new villain is rumored to be Baron Katana who, in the comics, creates an army of robot samurais called the Samuroids. I can’t resist, I have to do this joke right now: “You know what will make Team Flash’s crime-fighting days a real pain in the ass? A case of the Samuroids.” Again, I’m sorry.

On top of the awesome action, Cisco also teases a brand new suit for our Scarlet Speedster when he returns to our realm. It’s something we already got a gander at in Season 3 when Barry traveled to the future. Will it be the same suit? Or maybe because that future doesn’t exist anymore, the suit will be changed a bit? Anyway, here’s the exciting trailer for your enjoyment.

What are your thoughts on the new extended trailer? How bad was my joke? Let us know in the comments.

The Flash Season 3 premieres on The CW on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. EST.

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