DC’s Color Me Powerful Review

Give Christmas a bit of girl power this year and put DC’s Color Me Powerful under the tree!

As much as superheroes and comic book characters have become mainstream, there’s still a big problem: we don’t have enough female representation and a serious lack of female creatives in the industry. What better time to inspire that next great female comic book artist luminary than this holiday season? To help you in this, Downtown Bookworks has you covered!

Famous for their range of DC-inspired activity books, the publisher has the perfect gift idea for that artist-in-the-making. It’s DC’s Color Me Powerful by Sarah Parvis. The 144-page tome is filled with DC’s most famous female characters—from Wonder Woman to Katana. The book is mostly centered around art, but you’ll find smatterings of crossword puzzles and thought exercises (e.g. “What would you do …?”).

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Though the book is geared towards girls, who’s to say that a boy wouldn’t enjoy this also? For most comic book fans, the gender of the hero is nonconsequential. To them, all characters are part of an amazing universe where good prevails over evil. So don’t hesitate to get your tiny fan this fun-filled book.

There’s also something for adults. For people who grew up in the 1980s and 1970s, the art seems to be inspired from those eras—light, airy, colorful, and bold. It’ll look nice among any DC memorabilia.

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Written by Sarah Parvis, DC’s Color Me Powerful is currently available for $12.99 US, $14.99 CA. It can be found online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and at comic book stores. Become a little girl’s superhero this Christmas and get her this fun activity book!

A special thanks to Downtown Bookworks Editorial/Marketing Associate Sara DiSalvo for helping us with this review.

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