DC Celebrates Harley Quinn’s Anniversary with a Look Back at 25 Harleys

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DC celebrates Harley Quinn’s 25th Anniversary with a look back at 25 different incarnations throughout the years.

It seemed like only yesterday that we first heard the words “Puddin;” and “Mistah J.” Yes, the Clown Prince of Crime’s nicknames that were given to him by his beloved—Harley Quinn. Though that love affair was only a one-way street for the former psychiatrist, she can be assured that our love for her is definitely present and true! The Joker is insane, so she shouldn’t take his callous reactions to her affections too much to heart.

Created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, Harley Quinn made her debut in the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series in the episode titled “Joker’s Favor” (September 1992). The character was based on Arleen Sorkin—a close friend of Dini’s—who would later voice the character herself. Though Harley was to only have a minor role, it was soon evident she was a hit with fans. Harley would later make numerous appearances in the series.

Throughout the years, Harley Quinn permeated every bit of DC media from animation to video games to comic books. Her popularity would have a resurgence in 2016 when the DCEU’s Suicide Squad (2016) had her as a main character. This time, Margot Robbie embodied the coveted role, donning the colored pigtails.

Coincidentally, this year’s Batman Day also coincides with Harley Quinn’s 25th Anniversary—and we all know she’ll be taking over this holiday in her own crazy way. To celebrate this event, DC created a video showing twenty-five different incarnations of the character across twenty-five years. Who else better to introduce this video that one of her co-creators—Bruce Timm.

Which Harley Quinn was your favorite incarnation? Do you have a favorite Harley moment? Let us know in the comments!

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