Cosmic Ghost Rider Is Getting His Own Miniseries

Cosmic Ghost Rider
Marvel Comics

The Cosmic Ghost Rider, introduced in the ongoing Thanos series, is getting his very own miniseries this summer from Marvel.

Every few years, it seems like a character arrives out of nowhere and becomes a massive fan favorite seemingly overnight.

Way back when, Deadpool fit that description and he is now a key part of Marvel’s publishing line. Spider-Girl, who made her debut in a throwaway issue of What If, was another breakout star that hit a chord with fans. And just recently Spider-Gwen has had collectors looking everywhere for her earliest appearances.

And now it seems Marvel has another star on their hands.

Introduced in the pages of Thanos #13 by writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw, the Cosmic Ghost Rider served as the loyal servant of the King Thanos of a far flung alternate future. His completely over the top attitude and unique visuals instantly made his the talk of comic shops everywhere. Speculation ran rampant about who exactly was underneath the flaming skull, with most readers putting the safe money on Deadpool.

But when it was revealed in Thanos #15 that the Cosmic Ghost Rider is none other than Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, the character’s stock went through the roof.

The value of Thanos #13 quickly skyrocketed and fans were scrambling to get a copy. The Cosmic Ghost Rider single-handedly made a title that was barely registering with most fans into the must read comic of the year.

So of course, Marvel is striking while the iron is hot and giving the Cosmic Ghost Rider a miniseries of his very own.

Announced by Newsarama, Cosmic Ghost Rider will be written by Cates with an artist still to be determined. While nothing specific is known about the story or what readers can expect, Marvel did release a teaser image by Mike Deodato Jr. that should be enough to get fans excited for the book.

Cosmic Ghost Rider
Marvel Comics

A Cosmic Ghost Rider miniseries is just the latest reveal in Marvel’s big “Fresh Start” reboot that looks to get fans talking about and reading the publisher’s titles again by taking them back to their roots.

You know, because the last eight reboots obviously worked so well.

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If the miniseries does as well as expected, it’s a safe bet that an ongoing won’t be far behind. Of course, for that to happen the Thanos series itself needs to sell better and avoid being cancelled, and the popularity of the Cosmic Ghost Rider certainly can’t hurt that.

Cosmic Ghost Rider is scheduled to arrive in comic shops and on digital devices sometime this summer.

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