Is Brian Michael Bendis Going To Be Writing A Batman Title?

DC Comics

While there has been no official word about what Brian Michael Bendis will be doing for DC, he has been busy dropping hints all over social media.

One month ago Brian Michael Bendis shook the comic book world to its core with the bombshell announcement that he would be taking his talents to DC Comics. It left many fans agape and not sure if they understood the way the world worked anymore.

This was Brian Michael Bendis for cripes sake. It was like saying Robert Kirkman was going to leave The Walking Dead to start doing work-for-hire instead.

Bendis has been responsible for many of Marvel’s biggest hits over the last decade and in many ways, along with Mark Millar, shaped the Marvel Universe fans enjoy reading about today.

So seeing him leave Marvel to take all that talent to rival DC was a huge deal and one that still has fanboys talking in comic shops across the country.

The other topic they are talking about is exactly what Bendis will be working on once his commitments to Marvel have wrapped up.

Other than a story in the forthcoming Action Comics #1000, DC has been incredibly tight lipped about what they have planned for Bendis and what character or titles he will be working on. Thankfully, Bendis is very active on social media and it looks like he may have let the cat out of the bag.

Or should we say, the bat out of the bag.

Take this post from his always fun Tumblr page:

Or this post that popped up on his Twitter account:

It’s looking more and more like Bendis will be chronicling the adventures of the Dark Knight when he finally begins writing for DC sometime this year.

So the question now becomes which title will he be working on?

Both Tom King and James Tynion IV seem fairly entrenched on Batman and Detective Comics respectivly. Will DC be creating a brand new title for Bendis to work on? Or will they decide to move King or Tynion to another project to make room for Bendis?

Only time will tell.

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Any way you look at it, Brian Michael Bendis on Batman is a dream fanboys have been having for years. No matter what book he ends up working on, if it is half as good as his Daredevil run, we are all in for a real treat.

However, if it is like his work on the X-Men titles from a few years ago, then we may have a serious problem.

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