Black Panther Opens With Staggering $192 Million Haul

Black Panther
Marvel Studios

Black Panther took in an estimated $192 million in its opening weekend, making it the second best debut for any Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Everyone knew that Black Panther was going to be a hit for Marvel Studios. Of that there was no question. The Marvel brand is practically a license to print money for Disney at this point and there was every indication that Black Panther would follow suit.

But I don’t think anyone thought the movie would be this huge.

Black Panther, the first superhero film to feature a cast made up of almost entirely of African Americans, brought in a staggering $192 million over the course of the three-day weekend. And by the time you add in the President’s Day holiday, the film is estimated to earn an astounding $214 million over the four days.

Even compared to the overall success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, those are some very impressive numbers.

Only the original Avengers made more over a three-day weekend, earning $207.4 million. Black Panther is now the holder of the record for the best February opening ever, beating Deadpool‘s $152.2 million, as well as the best opening ever for a non-sequel as well as a solo superhero film.

Black Panther currently has a sterling 97 percent rating on review site Rotten Tomatoes and an A+ CinemaScore, which is another way of saying people really, really love the movie.

The fact the film is such a massive box office smash is a triumph for both Marvel president Kevin Feige director Ryan Coogler and the faith they had in the character. It has clearly shown the larger moviegoing audience that there is more to the MCU than just Captain America and Thor. In fact, Black Panther is the first Marvel film not featuring Iron Man to gross over $150 million in its opening weekend.

But the real success and legacy of Black Panther may be that is showed everyone that yes, a superhero film starring a black hero with a primarily black cast can work and make truckloads of money in Hollywood.

It should shock no one that a Black Panther 2 will almost certainly be a part of Marvel’s Phase Four plans. Feige has already said in an interview with Variety that he would love to see Coogler return to helm a sequel, which could happen depending on the director’s busy schedule.

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Fortunately for fans, you won’t have to wait long to get more T’Challa. The character plays a key role in Avengers: Infinity War which opens in theaters in just a few short months. After that, you can be sure that Black Panther will play a big part in whatever shape the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes once Phase Three wraps next year with Avengers 4.

Black Panther is in theaters everywhere right now.

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