Adam Glass Reveals Details About Lobo’s Daughter Crush

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Incoming Teen Titans writer Adam Glass has revealed some details about new team member Crush, who happens to be the daughter of Lobo.

Last weekend at WonderCon during the DC Publishers panel, much was revealed about the future of the various Justice League titles. Relaunched ongoings and new lineups were the talk of the day. In addition, everyone learned that the Teen Titans title will now tie in more closely with the Justice League family of books, and that it will be getting a new creative team as well.

Writer Adam Glass will team up with artist Bernard Chang (Batman Beyond) to bring to life a team made up of a mix of old favorites and brand new characters. And perhaps most shocking, the book will not be renumbered, instead picking up with #20 in July.

The one new character that has garnered the most attention is Crush, who it was revealed is the daughter of the one and only Lobo. While The Last Czarnian will be joining his own Justice League team along with Batman, Deathstroke and Lex Luthor, his little girl looks to be making a name all her own in the DC Universe.

DC Comics

Glass spoke to SyFy at WonderCon about how he created Crush and the fact that she has never met her infamous father.

“In the real world, would it be too hard to believe that someone like Lobo, in the ’90s or early 2000s, got drunk in a bar in New Mexico, and had a one-night stand, four or five times? And he a had a kid out there that he wouldn’t know about. So we created this character named Crush, who is a 15-year-old girl who does not know her father, doesn’t want to know her father. She’s read everything there is to know about her father, she knows what’s out there about him, so if she ever met him, she’d chop his head off and use it as an ashtray. The attitude doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“To me, Crush is created because of my daughter, so Crush is girl rage, she’s fight club. She says it the way it is and doesn’t care. There’s no politically correct with her, she’s a hammer, and I think is going to be a really fun character for the DCU. She was raised in a foster home so she doesn’t know her mom or her dad, so there’s a mystery to who her mom could be too.”

In addition to Crush, the revamped Teen Titans will also introduce new characters Djinn and Roundhouse and team them up with Robin, Kid Flash and Red Arrow.

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In many ways, what Glass is doing is very reminiscent of what Marv Wolfman and George Perez did when they created and launched The New Teen Titans back in the 1980s. They mixed old and new and had amazing success. Let’s hope lightning can strike twice.

Teen Titans #20 goes on sale this July.

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